Oberlo vs Dropified – Review (March 2020)

Oberlo vs Dropified Review – Best Shopify App?

Using Oberlo or Dropified (former Shopified App) will save you lots of time on importing products from sites like AliExpress into your Shopify store. Not only they automatically integrate all product data into your store, also will automatically fulfill all your orders!

I personally hate doing both, and I suspect you do to. These apps made my life a lot easier! And profitable! This is a fresh Oberlo vs Dropified review. You’ll know which one is the obvious choice for you.

But what is Dropshipping?

Well known within the eCommerce world. Dropshipping is basically working directly with suppliers to fulfill your orders directly to your customers. This way you donโ€™t need to handle manufacturing, storage and shipping.

Shopify made it very easy to start your own Dropshipping business.

Appearance & Usability

Their core features are really the same. Both of them will import products and auto fulfill them and theyย provide excellent learning materials to help you get comfortable with their tools.

However I find Oberlo a little more user friendly. Dropified can be a little overwhelming at first. Oberlo takes a more streamlined approach to operate, you find, edit and setup things easier. It even features a very nice looking dashboard of Revenue & Profits

Winner – Oberlo

Flexibility &ย Scalability

Oh boy! Dropified will absolutely CRUSH here!

Importing Products

Oberlo allows you easily to import products from AliExpress, Dropified allows you to import not only from AliExpress but from 40+ Marketplaces like GearBest, Amazon, Ebay and much more.

Dropified allows bulk editing of products, choosing shipping options from vendors and features Advanced Variant Mapping. Being able to setup product variants differently is a must, you could not assign different vendors for each variant without it!

Automatic Fulfillment

Both of them work great. But you canโ€™t beat Dropified 1 click fulfillment! You heard it right! Dopified allows you to fulfill every order with just 1 click! Donโ€™t even worry about solving the captchas manually , it will eat them for breakfast, no problem!

Dropified makes it very easy to change vendors and assign them to your products. Oberlo requires product overrides to make this simple change.

If you start today with oberlo and have old orders to fulfill, Oberlo canโ€™t help you. Dropified would automatically detect these orders and allow you to easily assign a vendor to fulfill them without needing to create new products or override them.

After fulfillment, both apps work great on updating tracking and managing any changes for you.

There is not much to talk about Oberlo in this department, although solid and simple to use, backfires as an incomplete app. Both apps offers lots of tools to easily create product pages, manage product data and fulfillment. But you can do more with less effort with Dropified. Worth to mention that ย you can manage multiple stores on the same dashboard.

Winner โ€“ Dropified

Cost & Value


Starts with FREE plan with no order limits where you can add up to 500 products (should be plenty for most stores anyway). It may be useful if you have very few orders and donโ€™t mind fulfilling each one independently. It still saves some time as Oberlo will sync and copy order details into Aliexpress and you just need to manually finish each order.

Moving up, you got the Basic Package at $29.90/mo 10,000 products. You get some more features, but the most important is the ability to bulk order with one step. Although not fully 1 click automatic like Dropified, itโ€™s still a big improvement of time saving from doing one by one with the free plan.

The Pro Package for $79.90/mo has a maximum of 30,000 products to list and the ability to create staff accounts. If you donโ€™t need them, go for the Basic Package because it is essentially the same for a much lower price.

Trial โ€“ Starter plan only


Dropified does not offer any starter plan, but you can try everything for 14 days, free of charge.

Dropified Builder starts at $47/mo where you get all the important features and that’s probably what youโ€™ll ever need, up to 5 staff accounts, AliExtractor, unlimited orders and up to 15,000 products with 50 product boards.

And the most important feature of all, 1 Click Auto Fulfillment and Captcha Solver included! You can bulk order with just 1 click and the app will do everything all the way. Inclusive pay the orders with your predefined payment method, or you can choose to review everything right before paying. Itโ€™s up to you.

Moving up, Dropified Premier at $127/mo has a couple more features and higher limits that you probably wonโ€™t need. Unless you want to use the same Dropified account on up to 5 stores simultaneously. Although the integrated profit dashboard can be quite handy if you donโ€™t mind the higher plan price.

Trial โ€“ 14 days

Conclusion – Oberlo vs Dropified

I like that Oberlo now offers unlimited orders on their free plan, you cannot fulfill everything automatically nor you can fulfill multiple products at the same time, but still I think if you have very low volume of orders, this is a great option as its free anyways.

You are considering one of these apps, and thatโ€™s probably because you are tired of filling your dropshipping orders manually and carefully review everything, while throwing you precious time and energy away.

So if you decide to really avoid any hassle and value your time, right now, I can only recommend Dropified Builder at $47/mo, even though itโ€™s more expensive than Oberlo Pro, the experience is far greater. After all, 1 Click Auto Fulfillment is the real answer your problem!

Best Actual Discount

This section will be updated with the best current deals for Dropified and Oberlo

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Updated Oberlo Discount


Updated Dropified Discount

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  2. Thank you for your review. I was trying to see if Dropified was legit as they are giving away a 60-day course on dropshipping that started October 17, 2018 and I can still join. Watched one of the videos and saw Lowell Rempel of ASINspector is part of the team doing the videos, and his software is already great for scoping out Amazon for Seller. Now that I know Dropified is legit I’m definitely joining the challenge.

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