Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping

Dropshipping and low operational costs go hand in hand, as such, here are the most cost effective Shopify dropshipping apps to archive excellent results in record time. These apps help you avoid countless hours of  “busy work” that won’t grow your business, they free lots of time so that you can actually focus on growing your online store and enjoying the process!



What It Does?

It does a lot! But the main things we are looking for with Dropified are automatic fulfillment and easily importing products from many marketplaces such as Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, etc.

If you are into dropshipping you probably already know about Dropified App or Oberlo. Also you can check this review I did between these 2 here.

How It Works?

When you are browsing marketplaces like Aliexpress, you can with just 1 click import any product directly to your Shopify store, automatically creating a new product page with already all the info, pictures, product variations, etc. Then you just edit what you want. It saves A LOT of time.

Dropified knows which vendor you dropship each product, and every time you get an order, you can fulfill it with just 1 click. Dropified will automatically choose the right product within the marketplace, fill all your customer address info and then automatically pay or if you choose, wait for you to confirm the order and pay. Its basically a super fast virtual assistant that fulfill your orders (and much more) for just $47/mo.

Why Do I Need It?

Unless you’re just starting out and are not getting any orders, you need Dropified in you life. Time is money and without Dropified Automatic Fulfillment you’ll get both.

Use it for 14 days for FREE and prove me wrong! 🙂

Dropified 14 Days Trial




What It Does?

As its name suggests, Recart App heavily focuses at reducing abandoned carts on your Shopify store. And it does a brilliant job at it. With the power of automated emails, push notifications and Messenger, Recart will claw its way to recover sales that otherwise would be lost forever!

It also offers effective Email Capture tools and a Form Autofill to make checkout experience easier, boosting conversion rates!

How It Works?

It uses pre-built campaigns that you can put to work right away. These are already optimized, this means you can just get the app and wait for profits! No need to waste time tweaking stuff. If needed, you can still fully customize everything with Email Editor, Push Editor and SMS Editor.

You’ll have access to a nicely displayed dashboard where you can check the App’s Analytics.

Take a look at Recart App features:

Why Do I Need It?

Without Recart, not only are you ignoring hot leads that almost completed a purchase but also killing potential long term revenue from these customers.

People leave checkouts for all sorts of reasons and abandoned carts leave lots of revenue on the table. Recovering this revenue can be the difference between a profitable store and a failed business. This will likely be the most profitable app you’ll ever run.

Using this link you’ll have access to an 28 Day Trial of this awesome App. This will send the Recart App automatically to your Shopify Store for an easy setup.

Recart’s 28 Day Free Trial


Bold Product Upsell


What It Does?

Smart and Self-Learning Upsells, Cross-Sells, and after Checkout Upsells. This app got you covered!

“Allows you to create Upsell and Cross-sell offers that display relevant add-on bundle, or upgrade, products at the point of adding a product to the cart, the click of the checkout button, or even AFTER the customer has made their purchase!”

How It Works?

You can manually create offers or leave it on autopilot using Bold Brain.

Bold Brain automatically recommends the ideal products to your customers based on previous data. The more data Bold Brain gets, the smarter it works.


Increase your average order value by offering your customer a chance to buy a similar but better (and more expensive item) than the one they just added to cart. Upsells usually convert very well.

This is the only app that will actually replace the original added product with the upgraded (from upsell), resulting in a better experience for your customer.

Upsell offers can be for example, an improved product or a bundle of products. You can make special discounts only available if your customer accepts the upsell from the original product.


Instead of upgrading, cross-selling is made by complementing the original product with related items. Instead of replacing, they are added along.

Post-Checkout Upsells

After your customer completes checkout information, he will be presented with a time limited offer that he can add to cart with just 1 click and then finish checkout.

Why Do I Need It?

It’s easy to setup and you will see your conversion rates improving and average order value increase in no time.

There’s no reason to wait. Go ahead and put this app on your store. I bet you’ll make your money back at least twice before the 14-day trial ends. Here you go.

Bold Product Upsell 14-Day Free Trial

Checkout Boost


What It Does?

Greatly improves checkout rate and boosts social traffic in a genius way! Checkout Boost won’t overwhelm your customers with annoying pop ups and offers while they are browsing your store. This App will actually make your customers more engaged and excited to buy from you, and tell all their friends about it.

How It Works?

These are the 3 main features your will be interested.

Offer special deals in change of social media sharing

You can create an custom offer (free gift/free shipping/discount) that will pop up when your customer adds something to cart. Your customers will share most of the time, growing you social traffic for free! This will result in more sales without needing to pay for ads.

Countdown Timer offers

Customizable Countdown Timers create sense of urgency. These are non intrusive very well designed. Clock is ticking!

Post-Purchase Upsell

A buyer is a buyer! It is much more easy to sell to current buyers than to new customers.

This upsell won’t make checkout process any harder, because it works AFTER your customer completes their purchase. This is the time you have nothing to loose and everything to gain! They will receive an awesome offer from you for their next purchase.


Why Do I Need It?

The social media sharing offer and countdown timer pop ups are the main features we’re looking for. Free social traffic is never enough! This app is a great one for complementing Product Upsell.

Starting at $20/mo, its an inexpensive app that will surely pay for itself even if you have few sales.

Lets get it working! Try it out free for 15 days.

Checkout Boost 15 Day Trial



What It Does?

Social proof! Using Fomo is like having a crowded restaurant that just keeps attracting new customers because people attracts people.

Fomo will make your store appear much more credible and interesting for new customers. Conversion rates will grow for sure.

How It Works?

Display orders, product reviews, and more in real-time.

When someone is browsing your store, minimalistic pop-ups appear from time to time displaying past orders from actual customers. This will work as an incentive for new customers to take action because they see that real people are actually buying your products. A genius way to leverage social proof.

Very customizable display notifications. Easy point and click creator or dig in deep with CSS. You can choose whether every order is displayed or just some specific products or recent orders, this way you can make it work even if you have very few orders.


Why Do I Need It?

Fomo is stupidly easy to setup, higher conversions are a guarantee and it makes your store more credible.

I can’t possible imagine myself running a store without these features. Even for a brand spanking new with just a few sales, you can make it look like an hot store selling trending products.

No reason for not trying it for free with an 7 day trial. Stupid easy to setup.

Fomo 14 Day Trial




What it does?

Track all your shipments in one place and automatically give your customers the information they need automatically. AfterShip supports more than 350 couriers that include about everything that suppliers use on AliExpress.

How it works?

All your order’s tracking codes will be automatically tracked and updated in one single place where you’ll be able to check all kinds of analytics and test the performance of each couriers.

Your customers will be notified each time the tracking updates via email or SMS with a custom generated branded tracking page made just for their order.

An “Track Order” button can also be added to your store.


Why do I need it?

You’ll be thankful for not having to deal with all those “WHERE’S MY ORDER?” emails that fill your inbox everyday and your customers will appreciate AfterShip for having their needs answered ASAP.

Having access to analytics is also very useful so you can easily determine with suppliers or couriers have best delivery performance and knowing beforehand which orders might have delivery issues before your customers start firing emails. Overall you will save time and have the potential to take better care of your customers. Happy customers = long term revenue.


Try AfterShip Here


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